#27 Addicted to Smoke

Don’t worry. I haven’t started smoking. But I did find out I’m obsessed with smoke. And you possibly are, too. Get your copy of Arrows Make Terrible Crowns here! (You’ll find my other books there, also.) Music “Inspiring Upbeat” by Asepirawan20 from Pixabay — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/janet-mylin/message

#25 My IF:Gathering 2021 Takeaways (& Seltzer Water)

Here’s a rapid-fire message on all my significant takeaways from this year’s virtual IF:Gathering. It’s like a whole platter of your favorite appetizers at Applebees (without all the grease and cheese)! Also, I spend the first 3 minutes talking about seltzer water. So there’s that. IF:Gathering Jennie Allen’s podcast My favorite seltzer water Music “Stomp …

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