Month: March 2021

#25 My IF:Gathering 2021 Takeaways (& Seltzer Water)

Here’s a rapid-fire message on all my significant takeaways from this year’s virtual IF:Gathering. It’s like a whole platter of your favorite appetizers at Applebees (without all the grease and cheese)! Also, I spend the first 3 minutes talking about seltzer water. So there’s that. IF:Gathering Jennie Allen’s podcast My favorite seltzer water Music “Stomp …

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#24 The Secret Thoughts of Martha

Let’s go for a car ride together. We’ll talk about silence before God, unworthiness and our old friends, Mary and Martha. The counselor I mention is here. Find me on the ‘Gram here. Music “Stomp & Clap” byJohn_YasutisfromPixabay — Send in a voice message: